About Us

Code.sys Code Consulting, Inc. puts the “custom” in customer service.

We understand that every project, client / customer is different, big and small; however, we ensure to keep the quality and professionalism of our services consistent with the intent of the state-wide adopted building codes and procedures.

Code.sys Code Consulting, Inc.Pennsylvania’s Third Party Inspection Agency, has unsurpassed knowledge and experience to ensure that we provide prompt, accurate service throughout all of our inspections, plan reviews, and other administrative tasks within the communities.  Code.sys Code Consulting, Inc. has (ICC / PA UCC) certified Building Code Officials, plans examiners and inspectors performing their job duties in only the disciplines which they have those certifications.  We offer our employees the opportunities to enroll for CEUs or examinations, to keep those certifications active.  Our certified inspectors and plan examiners collaborate and work with our communities to achieve efficient administrative workflow and effective code enforcement.  Our plan review team and inspectors make Code.sys Code Consulting, Inc. a great asset to the communities’ code enforcement.

Code.sys Code Consulting, Inc. strives to ensure the bestcustomer service.  One of the benefits utilizing our services, we use a Project Database that our clients are able to view.  As we update our database, our clients are able to view their projects’ status!  It’s a simple web-based database that requires no additional software installed; internet and login credentials, given to the customer(s) upon project submittal, allow access to view information regarding the project(s).

Code.sys Code Consulting, Inc. offers complete construction documents plan review, permitting, and inspections complying / in accordance with the PA UCC, the International Code Council Building Codes and your community’s local ordinances. Our inspectors are experienced and certified to provide you with the most accurate results. The goal of our plan review and inspections is to ensure life safety and sound construction.