Building plans and/or specifications are to be submitted electronically through the Code.sys website with the application for commercial construction projects. For Code Section on Stamp Requirement, go to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Note: To submit a new project click on the “New Project Submittal” button in the navigation bar or click here.

Existing Buildings that do not have a certificate of occupancy cannot be issued a building permit unless the building meets certain code requirements and becomes “certified”. Read more on our Frequently Asked Questions page.

A Site Plan will be required to evaluate entrances, ramps, and parking issues.

Toilets shall be 16″ to 18″ on center from adjacent wall for accessibility. If they are dimensioned at 17″ on center, chances are better that they will comply when installed.

New construction or alterations to building envelope, mechanical, lighting will require a COMCheck

Elevations with dimensions of bathroom fixtures, grab bars, accessories, service counters, sink counters, and other features will greatly speed up the plan review.

Download our Plan Review Submittal Form on our Forms & Guidelines page


Please try to call 48 hours in advance, to schedule your inspections with our inspectors.

Accessible Toilets, do not exceed 18″ on center from finished wall. During Rough In, 17″ to 17 1/2″ on center will place the toilet within the required 16″ to 18″ on center.

The CODE APPROVED, STAMPED drawings are required to be on site and available for the inspector. The code approved drawings may differ from the “bid set” if there are code changes and “red-lined” notes on the approved drawings. Build from the approved set!

Spray Foam Insulation (“Great Stuff”) is not an approved fire caulking material for commercial projects. The material used shall met UL 1479 and ASTM-E814 standards, this should be indicated on the label.

Link to ResCheck and ComCheck Required to check Energy Compliance, submit results with your plans.

Download our Plan Review Submittal Form on our Forms & Guidelines page

GREAT STUFF TM PRO is Orange in color is ASTM-E814 Approved, see below:

From the Dow Great Stuff Web Site:


  • Currently, GREAT STUFF ™ PRO Gaps & Cracks is the only recognized alternative fireblock penetration sealing foam on the market. GREAT STUFF PRO Gaps & Cracks has been evaluated by the International Code Council’s Evaluation Service, Inc. for use in residential construction.
  • Fireblocking is defined by the International Building Code as the use of approved building materials installed in concealed spaces to resist the migration of fire and hot gases.
  • GREAT STUFF PRO Gaps & Cracks is tinted orange to be more recognizable to building code officials.